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Real Estate Open Bids no more remain a daunting affair

Real Estate Open Bids have emerged as the newest trend in real estate scenario. Malaysia too keeping pace with this new trend has seen a significant increase in the number of auction houses, which help interested buyers in enjoying double benefits. Starting from property listing to giving interested buyers a description about the property in talk to doing all the paper work, such firms have emerged as the ideal companion for investors.

The trend of using real estate open bids that offers added convenience and complete transparency has now turned into the latest and most effective marketing channel. Malaysians have thoroughly liked and accepted this new trend for the benefits this offer is something that is sure to lure everyone.

Just one such real estate open bids, which has helped in taking the popularity of real estate Malaysia to improved heights, is SriShanBid. As the ideal property portal, they have helped in adding to the Malaysian market a new trend termed as open bidding. the best amongst auction houses in Malaysia with the practice of open bidding has helped both buyers and sellers enjoy a more convenient means of getting the anticipated price of the property. Offering investors assistance right from the initial step till they win the complete ownership of the property, be it home/office/condominium/apartment or more, experts here are well versed with the complete A to Z of every new trend in Malaysia property scenario.

With high quality services that are extensive and meet with the demand of clients of the present times, experts at this company are appreciated for the dedicated support they have been offering since years.

From property listing to organizing an open bidding event that attracts prospect buyers and helps in bagging the anticipated price of the listed property, experts at have it all covered.

Real Estate Open Bids in Malaysia have acquired improved heights of popularity and acceptance with experts at

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Key Executive

Our Managing Director, Mr. Shanmughananthan, is a Universiti Malaya accredited auctioneer with 10 years of Real Estate experience behind him.

He is a man who is restless in the quest of knowledge in tomorrow’s technology and is the mastermind behind He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1999 and embarked onto a career as a real estate agent and went on to become a successful auctioneer.

It is here that he realized that the real estate auction in Malaysia is terribly misinterpreted by the public, with the addition of numerous loop holes for syndicates who put their manipulation skills at play. Fired up by the will to educate and help the public, he then initiated a research into taking the real estate bidding arena to the next level.

After a five year long research, was established in 2010. Since then,, with the leadership of Mr. Shanmughananthan, has successfully organized many Real Estate Open Bids event.