Do You Know?

1. Do you know that interesting features will be unlocked for registered users:

  • Registered users will be able to leave comments on properties.
  • Subscribed for newsletter
  • Integrated  FB connect to synchronize all your user account information in one place.


2. Do you know that agents can list and advertise their listings?

  • Registering as an agent with us allows you to have your own personal homepage.
  • Visitors will be able t communicate directly with you.


3. Do you know that we are providing a better way to search properties?

  • Search property page
  • Google maps integration


4. Do you know that is the trendsetter of real estate bidding in Malaysia?

  • Find out more about us here.


5. Do you know that our agents gain more than just money?

  • Find out more about our Smart Agents Program here.


6. Do you know that the procedure of registering as an agent with us consists of very simple steps?

  • Sign up our agent account now.

 7. Do you know that our agents gain more than just money?

  • Higher chance of transacting properties
  • Higher reputation in market

8.Do you know how to keep yourself updated with our latest events?

  • We are constantly updating our archive. The best way to get all the latest info is by subscribing to our newsletter. ( )

9.You can get yourself updated with the latest news from our blog?

10.Do you know that you can interact with us through Facebook?

11.Do you know that Real Estate Bidding is different from an auction?

12.Lost? Met a dead end in our website?

13.Do you know that we have a collection of terms for you to refer?

14.Fear that you might face legalities after joining us?