Contest - IPad2 Winner’s Testimonial

Winner Testimonial

Winner’s Testimonial

I have heard about so many spam messages all saying just click to win and claim your new iPhone or iPad and so and so… but, all fake and nothing genuine !

At first when someone from approached me, I thought it was just another spam and why waste time? But, to my surprise it was a real win. I actually won an iPad 2 from It's great, isn’t it? I’m simply overwhelmed with this win and above all it just took me a few minutes only for the registration & participation.

I just want to thank everyone at for the most wonderful prize I have ever won. It indeed comes as a great surprise to me. With the festive season just around the corner, this prize from is a double joy of celebration. Yippee!

Thanks to for choosing me as the winner. I’m out of words, really!!! Cheers and thanks a tonne… it is an all gain and no loss thing and came without any efforts, which you know is not easy to achieve, I guess I am very lucky.

Winner of IPAD 2 by
From Alor Setar

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Winner’s Background

Ms. Teh, a student from Alor Setar, was recently declared as the winner of the IPAD 2 contest held by our company Pursuing a medical degree, she at first did not believe when we told her that she had won the contest. The happiness and excitement could only be clearly seen when Ms. Teh was acknowledged about the win through our confirmation email.

Overwhelmed and out of words with this win, she said that, this was first of its kind contest she has ever won. However a few contests back at school years ago, this one by is totally the best of all. The proud winner came to our office at Penang with her brother and mother to collect the IPAD. Receiving her all new IPAD 2 from was an amazing experience for all three who were totally excited and flabbergasted with the victory and thanked

Congratulations Ms.Teh. We wish you good luck, cheers and enjoy!!!