4 steps to own a property:

  1. Get the bidding catalogue (walk into our office or log on to our website to get it)
  2. Register as a bidder with us ( purchase a bank draft – 2% from the indicative price)
  3. Attend the bidding event ( here is where you can bid for the property)
  4. Sales and purchase signing ( property transaction if you are the winning bidder)

Why buy through

  • You determine the property’s value ( bid up to your budget. )
  • Complete transparency ( you will see for yourself the value offered by other buyers)
  • No third party manipulation ( syndicates and dummy bidders will not be able to manipulate our process flow )

Confused on how to face legalities?

Fear not, as we do provide legal services through our advocates and solicitors. They will guide you on any assistance regarding legalities in Real Estate Bidding.

All you have to do is click here for assistance.

Countdown for our next bidding.
You can always check when is the next REB event. Get the bidding catalogue from us and register as a bidder now!!

Buyer! do you know?

  1. Do you know that we are providing a better way to search properties?
    - Search property page
    - Google maps integration
  2. Do you know that is the trendsetter of real estate bidding in Malaysia?
    - Find out more about us here
  3. Do you know how to keep yourself updated with our latest events?
    - We are constantly updating our archive. The best way to get all the latest info is by
    subscribing to our newsletter. ( )

  4. Do you know that you can interact with us through Facebook?
    - Here you can leave your comment on any of our updates, besides viewing what people
    think and talk about us. Be the first among your friends to ‘LIKE’ us. (

  5. Do you know that Real Estate Bidding is different from an auction?
    -  The usage of indicative price instead of reserve price in REB. Indicative price is usually
    lower than reserve price. Know more about this here

  6. Fear that you might face legalities after joining us?
    - No worries. Read this to upgrade your knowledge about us here

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Key Executive

Our Managing Director, Mr. Shanmughananthan, is a Universiti Malaya accredited auctioneer with 10 years of Real Estate experience behind him.

He is a man who is restless in the quest of knowledge in tomorrow’s technology and is the mastermind behind He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1999 and embarked onto a career as a real estate agent and went on to become a successful auctioneer.

It is here that he realized that the real estate auction in Malaysia is terribly misinterpreted by the public, with the addition of numerous loop holes for syndicates who put their manipulation skills at play. Fired up by the will to educate and help the public, he then initiated a research into taking the real estate bidding arena to the next level.

After a five year long research, was established in 2010. Since then,, with the leadership of Mr. Shanmughananthan, has successfully organized many Real Estate Open Bids event.