What do our agents get?

  • Agents earn by listing property.
  • Marketing and selling is done by us.
  • You are giving sellers option to sell.
  • Successful trading gives you more than just money.


Unlike other property portals in Malaysia, agents do not have to pay for the listing of property with us. Confused? This is how it works. All agents have to do is bring in property owners, and make sure that they list their property with us. With every successful transaction, agents will receive their part of commission. The idea is simple, bring in more owners and you will return home with a handsome reward.


At, we do all the necessary marketing and selling. This makes your job even easier. Besides, we do not apply any extra charges for marketing purpose. Advertising, marketing and promotion is done through various methods, namely website, social media networks, newspaper, catalogues, flyers and so on.


Usually, there’s only one method that is used to sell a property, that is the through agent. By introducing sellers to, agents are actually giving sellers option to sell. They can sell their property through real estate bidding, or even through the agent. Either way, the benefit still goes to the agents as they will receive their commission if the property is sold by either method.


When a property is transacted through an agent, the agent will receive their part of commission. But what many agents fail to realise is that in the end, their name will be spoilt as buyers and sellers will misconcept agents as a person who cheated them and made money out of their property. Through, agents will not only gain income, but they will also be able to secure and increase their reputation in this field as we do all transaction with complete transparency.


Process flow for agents (seller)

  • Agents will have to bring in owners of properties/sellers.
  • They will list their property with us.
  • The property is announced for bidding.
  • Bidding event is conducted
  • Successful transaction.
  • Agents are given their part of commission by


Process flow for agents(buyer)

  • Agents bring in prospect buyers/bidders.
  • Buyer registers with us.
  • Buyers joins the bidding event.
  • Winning bidder owns the property.
  • Agents are given their part of commission from

Agent! do you know?

  1. Do you know that agents can list and advertise their listings?
    - Registering as an agent with us allows you to have your own personal homepage.
    - Visitors will be able to communicate directly with you.

  2. Do you know that is the trendsetter of real estate bidding in Malaysia?
    -  Find out more about us here

  3. Do you know that our agents gain more than just money?
    -  Higher chance of transacting properties
    -  Higher reputation in market
    - Find out more about our Smart Agents Program here

  4. Do you know that the procedure of registering as an agent with us consists of very simple steps?
    -  Sign up our agent account now

  5. Do you know that you can interact with us through Facebook?
    -  Here you can leave your comment on any of our updates, besides viewing what people think
    and talk about us. Be the first among your friends to ‘LIKE’ us. (

  6.  Do you know that Real Estate Bidding is different from an auction?
     The usage of indicative price instead of reserve price in REB. Indicative price is usually lower than reserve price. Know more about this here

  7. Fear that you might face legalities after joining us?
    - No worries. Read this to upgrade your knowledge about us here

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Key Executive

Our Managing Director, Mr. Shanmughananthan, is a Universiti Malaya accredited auctioneer with 10 years of Real Estate experience behind him.

He is a man who is restless in the quest of knowledge in tomorrow’s technology and is the mastermind behind He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1999 and embarked onto a career as a real estate agent and went on to become a successful auctioneer.

It is here that he realized that the real estate auction in Malaysia is terribly misinterpreted by the public, with the addition of numerous loop holes for syndicates who put their manipulation skills at play. Fired up by the will to educate and help the public, he then initiated a research into taking the real estate bidding arena to the next level.

After a five year long research, was established in 2010. Since then,, with the leadership of Mr. Shanmughananthan, has successfully organized many Real Estate Open Bids event.